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Disastrum Journal (DJ) is a biannually journal published by Lafadl Initiatives, Yogyakarta, through on-line and free-of-charge. Published first in Bahasa, we provide DJ for Indonesian readers, and for the furtherance we hope our bi-lingual issues, in Bahasa and English, will reach a more wide international audience. Our endavor is to have a meaningful discourse in political and economic studies of disaster, since the discourse among disaster fully-dominated by natural disaster point of view solely. We know that man-made and industrial disaster, a part from predestined condition of natural disaster, not only has a huge impacts on human life and environment, but also has a depth root in the way we manage diverse range of industry activities. This field, unfortunately, all of a frontier zone. We will continuosly stick firmly this point of view and keep pace in industrial disaster-related issues.   Adhering to maintaince our standard, we deliver extensively many aspects of political and economical studies of disaster with multi-perspectives approach of science.


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•    Jim Schiller (Asian Studies, Flinders University)
•    Ninil MJ (Disaster Management Studies, Lingkar)

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•    Achmad Uzair Fauzan (Poverty and Policy Studies)
•    Bosman Batubara (Earth and Environmental Changes)
•    M. Nurkhoiron (Cultural Studies)
•    Ari Ujianto (NGO and Urban Poverty Studies)
•    Nunung Qomariyah (Gender Studies)
•    Lutfhi Makhasin (Globalization Studies)
•    Hasan Bachtiar (Disaster Management and Reduction Studies)
•    Heru Prasetia (Cultural Studies)

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Volume 1 Nomor 1 Tahun 2009
Written by administrator  |  16 June 2009


Catatan Editorial
Jawaban bagi Tantangan
oleh: Bosman Batubara

Kajian-kajian ekonomi dan politik bencana menjadi penting karena menguatnya pelbagai fenomena terjadinya bencana akibat aktivitas korporasi dan bencana yang menjadi lahan bisnis. Kasus Bhopal, Minamata dan—masih dalam perdebatan—Lapindo adalah contoh untuk model yang pertama. Sementara itu, penanganan  tsunami akhir 2004 di Kepulauan Maladewa dan Thailand serta perang Irak adalah contoh untuk pola yang kedua. Tulisan ini memosisikan kehadiran Jurnal ini dalam wilayah kajian ekonomi dan politik.

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