About us

Lafadl Initiatives is a non-profit media & research collective formed by young women and men in Jogjakarta, Indonesia out of a special concern for problems facing people in third world countries. At Lafadl Initiatives, we believe that other worlds are possible -- that an alternative world without partiality, discrimination, aggression, or poverty awaits us. As an organization, we work to create pathways for the spread of new information, insightful critiques, and innovative ventures. As we research issues pertaining to development, locality, and globalization, we also work to simultaneously advance knowledge of these topics by hosting discussions, publishing print resources, and producing a variety of alternative media.


By promoting alternative knowledge relating to development, Lafadl Initiatives aims to realize true global equality across religion, class, and gender. We believe that the movement towards equality begins with the mind, and progress in the struggle for equality will be determined by the ways we think. In line with this belief, Lafadl Initiatives dedicates itself to framing all programs and activities so that alternative ideas are effectively nurtured and spread within marginalized communities. At the same time, we also work to prompt the spread of alternative ideas and information among policy makers, who affect the lives of marginalized communities by the decisions they make, and the public, whose support is necessary in the push for broader equality. These programs and activities include media awareness and grassroots-based media programs, community organizing, and advocacy. Already, in our grassroots media work, we have embarked on a joint program with a national NGO under which we spearheaded the publication of several newsletters exploring how large developmental projects and their mismanagement affect local communities.

Our core competencies are in training, research, and resources publication, all carried out by the strength of a young, creative team eager to encourage the spread of fresh perspectives, critiques, and ideas.

Lafadl Initiatives is run by a small, nimble team of young individuals with creative skills spanning a variety of fields and specialties.

Coordinator Heru Prasetia
Secretary Kelik Christoporous Prirahayanto
Network and Publication Achmad Uzair
Research and Development Bosman Batubara
Information System Dimas A. Wijanarko 
Community Organizer Paring Waluyo Utomo

Public support and donations to Lafadl Initiatives help us cover expenses incurred through book & newsletter publication, website management, field research, discussion and skills training sessions, maintenance of our public alternative library in Jogjakarta, and communications for maintaining and building our overall network.

Lafadl Initiatives is grateful for any support - whether it is through the donation of funds, books (new or used), office tools, or supplies. If you would like to contribute materials, please contact us at:

Lafadl Initiatives
Jl. Dayu Baru No. 1A
Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Tel: +62 (0) 274 888726
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Financial support may be sent to:

Bank Account
Bank Name: Niaga CIMB
Branch: YGA-COC Yogyakarta
Account # 018-01-00178-17-1
Account holder:
Swift Code: BNIAIDJA
Last Updated on 05 September 2010